The South Central Bell Telephone Company serves both Lake and Obion Counties with direct long distance dialing available throughout the county.


Lake and Obion Counties do not have television stations, but reception from Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Tennessee; Paducah, Kentucky; and Cape Girardeau, Missouri is excellent. Cable TV and HBO are available in both counties. Tiptonville and Samburg have TV Cable News Network, Channel 2.


There is no radio station in Lake County; however WTNV – 97.3 FM, “Eagle 97.3” is a radio station broadcasting a country music format and is licensed to Tiptonville, Tennessee. The station is currently owned by Dr. Pepper Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Dyersburg, Tennessee. There is good reception from in the area from Dyersburg, Union City, and Memphis, Tennessee as well as Blytheville, Arkansas. Samburg in Obion County has access to all of the above mentioned.


The Lake County Banner, a weekly newspaper, serves both Lake and the portion of Obion County in which Samburg is located and has 3200 subscribers. Carrier Delivery is available in both areas for one Memphis daily, The Commercial Appeal. The Wall Street Journal and Nashville papers are received daily by mail. Other daily and weekly newspapers available inTiptonville and the Samburg area are the Union City Daily Messenger, the Fulton Daily Leader, the Obion County Weekly, Fulton Shopper, and the Dyersburg State Gazette.

Postal Facilities

Tiptonville is served by a second-class post office with one incoming and one outgoing mail truck daily. The post office serves 3,500 families, and has two routes and two city routes. Ridgey is served by a post office with zip code 38080. Samburg in Obion County is served by a postal pick-up in Samburg, zip code 38354, and a rural route delivery by a post office in Hornbeak,
Route 1, with zip code 38232.


Memphis data has been used here and any variation will be minor. The prevailing climate is temperate, with pronounced seasonal variations in both temperature and precipitation. Snowfall is variable from year to year. Most winters have little or none, while other winters can have a seasonal snowfall of up to 17 inches.

(30 years)
(30 years)
(30 years)
7:00 am 1:00 PM
January 42.0 6.07 81 % 66 %
February 44.6 4.69 81 % 62 %
March 51.6 5.07 78 % 57 %
April 61.9 4.63 80 % 53 %
May 70.8 4.23 82 % 55 %
June 79.8 3.68 83 % 55 %
July 81.8 3.54 85 % 56 %
August 81.0 2.97 87 % 54 %
September 74.4 2.82 85 % 53 %
October 63.6 2.72 85 % 53 %
November 50.6 4.38 81 % 54 %
December 43.5 4.93 81 % 62 %
Yearly Average 62.1 Total 49.73 Average 82 % 56 %

Average annual Snowfall – 4.8″

Frost Free Period – Match 20 to November 12, two-hundred, thirty-six days.

Percentage of possible sunshine – 63%. Possible sunshine for the mid-season months averaged about 45% for January, 61% for April, 69% for July and 70% for October.

Seasonal heating degrees days – 3,116

Prevailing Winds – From South-Southwest


A public library located in Tiptonville, supported by county and city tax funds, serves Lake County and residents of Samburg with over 6,000 volumes. This area is also served by the Forked Deer Regional Library, with book stations and a bookmobile.

Medical Facilities

Located in Tiptonville is one full-time physician and the Lake County Primary Care which has a branch in Ridgely, the William B. Acree Memorial Clinic. The Lake County Health Department is also located in Tiptonville. Tiptonville and Ridgely both have nursing homes. In addition to a branch of the Lake County Health Department, Samburg has access to all medical facilities in Lake County and access to all medical facilities, doctors, nursing homes, etc. located in Obion County.

Dyersburg (25 miles) has a modern, well-staffed 160-bed hospital, a 71-bed nursing home, and a 50-bed private nursing home. Union City (30 miles) has an excellent 173-bed hospital, an 86-bed nursing home and extended care unit, and 49-bed rest home. Volunteer General Hospital in Martin (40 miles) has 75 beds. Memphis (100 miles) has become one of the outstanding regional medical centers in the United States. Its complex of private and public hospitals has a bed capacity of over 4,000 and draws patients from all over the mid-South.


New home prices average approximately $45 per square-foot for construction cost in both Lake and Obion County.


Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park, located in Lake and Obion counties, contains about 18,725 acres, 18,000 of which are water. The area is said to be the greatest hunting and fishing preserve in the nation. During the winter months, bird watchers view the American bald eagles that make their seasonal homes there. Park naturalists conduct daily eagle tours and have special weekend programs. In addition to the bald eagle, the park harbors almost every other kind of shore and wading bird. It also produces many species of flowering and non-flowering plants and cypress trees that attract botanists from all over the country.

Despite a Chickasaw Indian legend that credits “the wrath of their gods” with the lake’s creation, historians record that Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of severe earthquakes during the bitter cold winter of 1811-12. Landslides swept down the bluffs, large areas of land were uplifted and still larger areas sank. As the land subsided the water poured over in one of the large sunken areas and filled the basin. The large pool gradually grew placid and Reelfoot Lake was born.

Reelfoot Lake offers a large variety of motels, inns and restaurants. The park also features campgrounds, swimming pools, fishing, boating, picnic areas, a museum and auditorium.

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