Electric Power is distributed in Lake County and the portion of Obion County in which Samburg is located by the Gibson Electric Membership Corporation which has a contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority. Gibson Electric Membership Corporation, with headquarters in Trenton Tennessee, has over 29,000 consumers in a 3200 square-mile service area. Its power is supplied through 14 primary substations.

Gibson Electric offers a full line of energy services for its commercial and industrial customers. Services include expansion planning, HVAC recommendations, lighting design, and an analysis of the total energy needs. Gibson Electric can provide special metering on electrical equipment that will help identify voltage fluctuations, usage patterns, and lower power factor. Low-interest loans are available for projects that use electrical energy efficiently in existing operations.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is one of the nation’s largest power producers. Through 160 municipal and cooperative power distributors, TVA serves nearly eight million people in an 80,000 square region across seven states, including most of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. TVA also sells power directly to some large industrial and federal customers.


TVA’s current generating capacity is 28,000 megawatts. Electricity is produced through a combination of coal-fired, hydroelectric, nuclear, and combustion turbine plants. In fiscal year 1995, TVA sold 128.6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity – more than enough power for three cities the size of New York.

TVA is in its ninth year of holding electric rates stable and is committed to maintaining competitive electric rates for its customers. Electric rates in the TVA region are among the lowest in the country. TVA is prepared to enter the competitive marketplace as the electric utility industry moves toward deregulation. Costs have been reduced, productivity and efficiency have been improved, and the range of services provided to customers has been expanded.

The TVA Power system is completely self financing, Imposing no direct or indirect burden or liability on the Nation’s taxpayers. TVA is a wholesale supplier of electric power to the Gibson Electric Membership Corporation. TVA has been a leader in implementing innovative pricing arrangements which have lowered the prices to eligible customers. These innovative pricing arrangements decrease rates for commercial and industrial customers. TVA’s economic development field offices provide direct and customized economic development services with a goal of helping to create high-value jobs and increasing the production of goods and services.

All of the West Tennessee Industrial Association’s service area is served from locally-owned systems of distributors which purchase power at wholesale from TVA. For industries using more than 5,000 kW, all of the rates are identical.

The Lake County Utility District provides natural gas and services to customers in the area. They can be contacted at 731-253-6203.

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